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Kirsten Johnsen in 1999 at Stonehenge

All The Stuff I Do


I provide custom ceremonies for individuals and groups. Contact me to help you create unique and poignant events to mark life's changes: weddings, funerals, baby blessings, healings and transitions. Multi-faith and land-based.


Many times I have been called to collect folklore, stories, and other memories of women's spirituality and history. Support my work with the Morning Glory Goddess Collection and the life of Sequoia Greenfield.


I am a trained and experienced community facilitator. I approach collaborative process from a perspective of service to the collective. My approach to group empowerment is based on consensus and direct democracy.


I am a lifelong diarist and poet. I write about my life growing up on the land and the myths that inspire me. Follow my blog and stay tuned for future publications!


I face the difficult truths of what it means to be a settler-colonizer on Indigenous lands. It is important to examine and explore authentic and respectful relationships with each other on this land as we all face the consequences of climate change together.


Spinner, Weaver, Carbon Farmer!

I create art from the land. Spinning and weaving is an ancestral trance meditation that sequesters carbon, increases soil health, protects my home from wildfire, and offers prayers and inspiration for earth healing. 

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