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In 1974, I moved with my parents from Berkeley to Greenfield Ranch, a somewhat accidental, semi-intentional, homesteading back-to-the-land community that has been and keeps going through lots of changes. This experience was formative for me, and has provided me with a specific lens through which I view the world.

"Coming to know oneself as embedded within interpersonal and intersubjective networks that encompass not only the human realms but the worlds of other critters, beings, and energies of the land is a deep and ongoing journey. It takes strength of heart and great capacities for forgiveness, self-reflection, respect, and communication.

I am always learning."

--Kirsten Ellen Johnsen

Dirty Kiri 1974.jpeg

Promise of Paradise?

As part of a project to collect oral history, I have facilitated discussion among several generations of back-to-the-landers in Mendocino County

Heresies of History

Whose Intentionality?

For many years I have collected stories to understand the phenomenon of growing up and living in "intentional" community

Ongoing Organizing

To Do Unto Others...

I offer community and interpersonal facilitation services with special attention to organizational, intergenerational, and

multivalent complexities

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